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Save Money Instantly with These Tips

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Everyone talks about the different ways you can save money. While many of these ideas are amazing, and really do save you money, they aren’t an instant solution. What if you could save money now? If you’re looking to cut your budget in the coming weeks, you’ll love these tips.

7 Tips to Save Money Instantly

Save Money Instantly

Cut the Cable or Satellite Cord

If you want to save money instantly, you can’t go wrong with canceling your cable or satellite service. If you’re still under contract, you may have to pay a small fee based on how many months are left in your contract. Imagine not having to pay your next cable or satellite bill? How freeing would that be? The average bill is $150 per month. With one phone call, you can save a lot of money.

Cancel Unused Subscriptions

Go through your bank statements and take a hard look at what you’re paying for each month. If you see subscription services that your family no longer uses or enjoys, cancel them. Ten-dollars here and there may not seem like much but all those subscriptions add up, especially over the course of a year. Log in to your accounts and start canceling to save money instantly.

Use Discount Codes

Do you shop online? If you’re not taking the time to look for discount codes, you’re wasting money. RetailMeNot is a great place to find codes for thousands of online stores. If you use a rebate program like Ebates, you can click on the widget to see if there are any codes available. On some sites, the widget will automatically suggest coupon codes.

Close Off Unused Rooms

Energy and heating bills are some of the largest in a household budget. If you want to save money instantly, close off unused rooms. Go into the room and shut the vents and then close the doors. This can save so much money. Why spend the money to heat and cool the areas of your home you aren’t using?

Revamp Leftovers

Does your family hate leftovers? Don’t toss them. Think of ways to transform last night’s leftovers into something new. For example, if you made a beef roast the night before, shred the leftover meat and toss with barbecue sauce once heated. Put on hamburger buns and serve with French fries. Taking the time to revamp leftovers instantly saves money.

Shop Thrift Stores First

Is there something you need? Before you rush out and buy it in a retail store, consider shopping at thrift stores. For example, let’s say you’re looking for a bookshelf. Shop your thrift stores and see what’s available. Keep an open mind when shopping. You might find a bookshelf for five-dollars, but not like the color. You can always paint it. If a new bookshelf costs $100 and you purchase one for $5 plus the cost of a quart of paint ($10), you’ve saved $85 instantly.

Setup an Automatic Savings Plan

Last, but not least, setup an automatic savings plan. You can set it up to move money from your checking account once a week, biweekly, or monthly. This way, you no longer have to think about saving the money. You’ll treat this like any other bill that comes out automatically. If you have trouble making yourself save money, this is the way to go.

If you need to immediately cut your expenses, for whatever reason, it can be done. You can save money instantly on everything from the items your family needs to heating and cooling costs. You can even save on the items that your family doesn’t need anymore. Cut the cord and cancel unused subscriptions. Once that is done, work on the expenses you do need. Learn to transform leftovers, shut off unused rooms, shop thrift stores before shopping retail, and setup an automatic savings plan. You’ll be amazed at how many ways you can save money instantly.

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