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Earn Cash Back for Shopping Online Through Ebates

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If you love to shop online, wouldn’t it be nice to get cash back? Ebates is such as easy program to use and I received a $10 Walmart gift card after making my first online purchase. All you need to do is sign up and shop through Ebates to get cash back. If you install the toolbar widget, Ebates will remind you that you can get cash back any time you’re shopping on a site that is available through Ebates. For example, if you go to Walmart, you’ll get a reminder that you can get 2% cash back. All you do is click to activate Ebates and you’ll earn the reward.

I received my first check after only a month of signing up. If you want to sign up and receive a $10 gift card after your first purchase, click HERE. You’ll get $10 and I’ll get $10, too. If you’re wondering, cash back earned through Ebates arrives in the form of a check. REAL MONEY! All you have to do is shop.

Recently, I received $4 for buying a year’s subscription to McAfee Total Protection Software, which was on sale for $29.99! Not only did I save $60 off the regular price, but I got paid $4! It may not seem like much, but I got money for buying something I was going to buy anyway. Last month, I got $4 back when I upgraded my phone through Straight Talk.

If you shop online, it only makes sense to get cash back, especially when it’s super easy to do.

Do you use Ebates? If not, don’t forget to sign up HERE so we both get a $10 gift card.

*Disclosure: This post contains links that will benefit the blogger when a reader signs up.*