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How to Organize a Junk Drawer for Less Than $3

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We all have that one drawer that seems to be loaded with odds and ends. It might be screws, tools, or other junk. It’s nice to have these things handy, but do they really need to be a mess? If you haven’t thought much about organizing your junk drawer because you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you’re in luck. You can actually organized a junk drawer for less than three-dollars.

I went to the Dollar Tree and purchased a pack of long organizing baskets and a package of short ones. The long baskets have holes in the sides and came in a pack of three. The blue organized came in a pack of four. I used one pack of the blue and one pack of the long plus one more of the long for a total cost of $2.33.

You can find so many fun colors. These baskets aren’t high quality by any means, but they will organize your junk drawer on the cheap. If you find that the baskets move around a bit, you can use shelf liner or poster putty to keep everything in place.

*I want to add one important tip. If you have small items in your junk drawer, such as screws, you will want to add a solid-sided basket.*

There you have it. An organized junk drawer at a fraction of what you’ll pay for a fancy organizing system. By the way, if you don’t have a Dollar Tree, I’ve found that Family Dollar also carries these baskets.

How do you like to organize your junk drawer? List your tips in the comments below.