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Convenient Grocery Shopping with Walmart Grocery Pickup

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We’ve all had a period of time where life just seems to be beating us down. After several weeks of go-go-go due to a draining family issue, I found myself standing in front of my open fridge wondering when on earth I was going to fit in a real grocery trip. Low and behold, yet another Walmart Grocery Pickup ad appeared in my Facebook news feed and instead of scrolling past I decided to give it a click.

Grocery Shopping Made Easy

The use of the Walmart Grocery Pickup app was incredibly easy. I actually placed my order from my desktop after choosing the closet store with the service available to me. Walmart shows you featured grocery items but you can search by department or type in what you are looking for to prompt selections based on your keywords. I was looking for a very specific list of items, mostly our weekly staples, and didn’t have trouble finding anything I needed.

There are two grocery stores closer to my house than Walmart, but I prefer going to Walmart when I can because grocery prices are much lower for some of the same brand items I usually buy. Someone had cautioned me about prices possibly being higher online via the shopping app, but that was not with a Walmart store. While I was shopping online I noticed that some of the prices seemed lower than I remember them being in the store. While I am sure this was the case for some items, others were exactly on par with what I know I pay when I go in person. I plan to take a print-out of my initial order to the store the next time I go for other things (clothing, etc) just to compare a couple of the prices.

Walmart Grocery Pickup is FREE but you do have to place an order with a value of at least $30 in order to use the service.

Simple Online Checkout

Once you’re done shopping you’ll go through the simple online check-out process. I placed my order at around 10:30am on a Tuesday and same-day pick-up options were windows between 4-5pm, 4-6pm, 6-7pm, and 7-8pm. I picked the latest time-slot so that I could go immediately after work. I was notified that I could make any changes I needed to my order up until 1pm that same day. I popped in my card info, paid for my order, and went about my day.

Easy Grocery Pickup

I received an email confirming my order and was told that I would receive another email when my order was ready for pickup. The instructions tell you to put the app on your phone so that you can “check in” when you are on your way. I did receive the email around 7pm, but I also got a phone call around 7:30pm to check on me and to ask if I knew pick-up closed at 8pm. I had not known but I was on my way.

The only glitch I found was when I tried to use the app, which I had in the meantime installed on my phone, to check-in on my way. The push notification came through on my phone, but nothing happened when I clicked on the check-in button that appeared on my screen. I drove to the store and found the designated pick-up area. My local store has a designated Grocery pick-up area on the side of the store, away from traffic, with 6 parking spots designated for the service. Each spot was clearly marked with a sign that also included a phone number to call upon arrival. Problem solved! It didn’t matter whether or not the app had glitched. I made a quick call and the employee came out with my cart in mere minutes.

Upon arrival at my car, the employee quickly showed me my order. I had allowed for substitutions on all items and there was only one. The one pound package of ground beef I had asked for was not available so they gave me a two pound package. I was surprised to realize they had not charged me the difference. The employee carefully loaded my car and handed me my eggs separately so I could place them where I wanted.

A Bit of Humor

All in all, the experience was great and I’ll definitely be using the service again. The only odd thing that happened was that the employee dropped his lanyard with his door tag in my car. Thankfully, he called me before I had left the shopping center lot so I was able to easily pull over, check, and get it back to him. It wasn’t a big deal at all. We’re all human.

Want to give Walmart Grocery Pickup a try? I highly recommend it. Simply click this link to enjoy $10 off your first order (I’ll get $10 off my next order, too, if you use my link – please and thank you)! It’s a great, convenient service and I was glad to not have to head into the store during a stressful period of my life (and – honestly – flu season).

Nitty, gritty, legal disclaimer:  This review is of my own accord. Walmart is in no way associated with this review and did not sponsor it. This post does contain an affiliate link. Thanks so much for your support!