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Dollar Store Packing Tips: Save Money on Travel

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Packing tips may not hit your mind when you think of the dollar store. It’s a great place to find many of the things your family needs. From cleaning and storage supplies to crafts and books, you can find a lot of items to help you save money. But, you can actually save money with some dollar store packing tips as well.

Finding ways to pack effectively for a trip can be a bit frustrating at times. And when you factor in packing for you and your entire family, it can take a ton of time and effort to make certain that everything gets packed that needs to be packed. You don’t want to forget something super important for someone, right? It’s a lot of pressure! Rest easy knowing that there are affordable and budget-friendly ways to find some helpful packing tips and hacks. If you are searching for a few suggestions on how to get some help without breaking the bank when it comes to packing, here are some dollar store packing tips that are certain to help!

Dollar Store Packing Tips that Anyone Can Do!

Color Code Each Person in the Family

If you want to have a quick and easy packing tip, head to the dollar store and choose items that are the same color. Toothbrush holders, contact lens cases, etc. It’s a super simple and affordable way that you can save yourself time and your family members the frustration of trying to figure out who’s is who’s. Give each person in your family a color, and from that moment on, they know what to be looking for.

Buy a Snack Bag at the Dollar Store for Each and Every Person in Your Family

Let’s face it…when traveling anywhere it’s essential to have all the snacks packed and ready for each and every person in your family. More than likely, they all like something different as well. Scour the aisles and the shelves at the local dollar store and choose a small bag or cooler for each member of your family. Let them each decide what snacks that they want to have in them, and give them a budget of what they can spend as well. The beauty of the dollar store is that they have so many affordable items that can really help your packing go a lot smoother!

Buy Extra Travel Size Toiletries at the Dollar Store

When it comes to packing for a vacation, don’t waste space and time trying to get your regular sized shampoos and conditioners to fit inside your suitcase. Instead, head to the dollar store and see what they have for you to purchase. If you can spend a few bucks and stay within budget to have peace of mind knowing that your already opened and potential leaky larger bottles can stay at home, it’s totally worth each and every penny. Imagine arriving at your destination to find your clothes and other items covered in shampoo? Don’t take that risk!

Pick up a Box of Dryer Sheets from the Dollar Store to Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh and Clean

It’s an inexpensive way to keep your clothes from getting that “musty” smell from being stuffed inside a suitcase for far too long. Make certain to choose wisely with the smell choice because you don’t want to smell overly strong as well. A good choice is the fresh linen dryer sheets.

When it comes to finding a few tips and tricks to help pack for you and your family, the dollar store has so many great finds and options that can truly be a huge help! Think about the last trip you took and what you didn’t like about the way you packed and make your dollar store purchases based off of your own feedback. The more that you find ways to help yourself pack and prepare easier, the less stressful packing for each and every trip will be. Have fun at the dollar store knowing that you are getting items to help you and also make certain that you won’t go over your budget either.

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