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Classic Kids Movies to Watch While Quarantined

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Most of us are quarantined, waiting for the storm to pass. If you have children though, it may seem like a long, long time before things are able to return to normal. Thankfully, there are many great movies you can watch as a family. I’m sharing some of my favorite movies from my childhood which are from the 1980s and 1990s. I’ve included both animated and live-action films in this list of classic kids movies to watch while quarantined.

Kids Movies to Watch While Quarantined

1. Ernest Goes to Camp (1987) – Rated PG – Starring Jim Varney

I was 3 or 4 years old when I saw this movie in the theaters. I absolutely loved Ernest. Jim Varney was an incredible actor and created several wonderful movies starring the beloved character. Many children of the 1980s will also remember the commercials the character starred in. In this film, Ernest goes to work at a summer camp and hilarity ensues.

2. Beauty and the Beast (1991) – Rated NR

Hands down, Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite movies of all time. Disney did an amazing job with the animated film and Belle remains my favorite Disney princess. Even the songs from the film are iconic. If your children haven’t seen this classic, they are really missing out.

3. Jumanji (1995) – Rated PG – Starring Robin Williams

The 1995 version of Jumanji was incredible. Robin Williams brought life to every character he played. He really did make the film the classic it is today. It’s a movie that I still enjoy watching. If your kids haven’t seen the original, this is a great movie to watch while quarantined.

Jumanji 1995

4. The Land Before Time (1988) – Rated G

There have been many, many, many sequels to this film, but it all began in 1988. I’ll never forget watching the film for the first time. It’s a tearjerker for sure. If your kids love the film, you can continue the adventure for many, many more days thanks to the crazy sequels.

5. Back to the Future (1985) – Rated PG – Starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd

Seriously, what child of the 1980s didn’t love this film? All of the films in the trilogy are good, but the third one is my favorite. Your kids will get a good laugh out of the way we thought it would be now. First of all, thank God we didn’t go with those fashion choices. Second, hover boards look fun, but there’s no one able to ride a board like Marty McFly.

6. The Princess Bride (1987) – Rated PG – Starring Cary Elwes

I’ll never forget sitting and watching this film in fourth grade. I was in awe and grew to love the film even more over the years. It’s got romance, action, adventure, and fantasy. It’s a movie that everyone in the family can enjoy.

The Princess Bride

7. The Iron Giant (1999) – Rated PG

This movie came out when I was in high school, but it’s still a classic kids movie to watch while quarantined. There’s action, drama, and comedy. The movie has become a cult classic over the past twenty years. Tony and I both love the film and have watched it many times.

8. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989) – Rated PG – Starring Keanu Reeves

“Ziggy Piggy! Ziggy Piggy!” Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures was one of the most iconic films of the 1980s. Who didn’t love the rad dudes and their time-traveling phone booth? It’s probably one of the best films Keanu Reeves was ever in.

9. Man of the House (1995) – Rated PG – Starring Chevy Chase and Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Jonathan Taylor Thomas was in all the teen magazines, including the much-loved Tiger Beat and Teen Beat. He’s was one of Hollywood’s hottest child actors of the time and young girls loved him. This film was both funny and relatable to kids that came from divorced families.

10. Drop Dead Fred (1991) – Rated NR – Starring Phobe Cates and Rik Mayall

Last, but not least, where would this list be without Drop Dead Fred? In case you missed this one, it’s about a woman that separates from her husband and the stress causes her imaginary childhood friend to reappear. Of course, this time, she finds him more annoying than fun. Parents may enjoy this one more than their kids do.

There are so many great kids movies to watch while quarantined. Whether you want lighthearted fun or something more serious, there are some really good movies from the 1980s and 1990s. If your family loves watching TV and movies, be sure to check out my post Save Money on TV Service: Over $1500 a Year! . Also, be sure to check me out on YouTube where I sometimes do movie reviews.

Did I miss one of your favorites? Share your suggestions in the comment section below.